27th United Kingdom Continence Society

Annual Scientific Meeting

22nd-24th April 2020

Thursday 23rd April Programme

09.00 “Listening to the Cosmos with Gravitational Waves” 

Key Note Speaker: Prof Martin Hendry       

Chair: Doug Small, Glasgow

Stream 1

Stream 2

The Female Pelvic Floor

Chair: Veenu Tyagi, Glasgow 

09.35   Management of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Kay McAllister, Glasgow

110.15  Pessary for Pelvic Organ Prolapse – evidence /& use

Carol Bugge, Stirling

10.15  Free Papers: 

Paediatric & Adolescence                                 

Chairs: Stuart O’Toole, Glasgow and Chris Driver, Aberdeen

09.35 Surgical Management of Anorectal Malformations.

Timothy Bradnock, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Ms Jenna Tarr, Clinical Nurse Specialist , Glasgow   

09.55  Management of Faecal Incontinence Through Childhood.

Gregor Walker, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, Glasgow

10.15  Congenital Malformations of the Urinary Tract and Incontinence.

Chris Driver, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Urologist, Aberdeen 

10.35  Paediatric Functional Bladder Disorders : “the childhood origins of a life long condition”.

Stuart O’Toole, Consultant Paediatric Urologist, Glasgow

11.00 Refreshment Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing

The Ageing Pelvic Floor & Quality of life       

Chair: Alasdair McCrae, Glasgow

11.30 Pelvic Radiation and impact on continence: What Can a Late Effects Service Offer ?

Sally Darnborough, Glasgow


11.50  Free Papers.

Paediatric  & Adolescence


11.30 Free papers:


12.30 - 13.15 Lunch, Exhibition and Poster Viewing

12.30 The Up's & Down's of Paediatric Bowel Management:  to include rectal irrigation (Up) & ACE (Down) management. (Workshop)

Led by: Jenna Tarr, Clinical Nurse Specialist Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow

12.30 Silent Symposium: provided by:

13.30  Can we predict and prevent birth-related pelvic floor disorders

Key Note Speaker: Ian Milsom, 

Consultant Gynaecologist, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Institute of Clinical Sciences, Göteborg.

Chair: Suzanne Hagen, Glasgow

Colorectal Aspects of Pelvic Floor Management

Chair: David Wright, Glasgow

14.05  STI – a Bottom Up Approach.   

 Andy Winters, Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV, Glasgow

14.25 Surgical Management of Faecal Incontinence.   

Michelle Thornton, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Lanarkshire 

14.45   Free Papers

   Scientists & Clinical Measurements

Chairs: Doug Small,Glasgow and Andrew Gammie, Bristol

14.05  Decorrelation of Ultrasound for a Non-invasive Diagnosis of Bladder Outlet Obstruction.

Ron Van Mastrigt, Professor, University Medical Center,  Rotterdam

14.25 Bladder Shape Testing – Blast: Initial experience of an alternative non-invasive assessment of lower urinary tract function.

Stephen Radley, Consultant Gynaecologist, Sheffield 

14.40 Non-invasive Measurement of Bladder Outlet Obstruction via the Occlusive Cuff.

Micheal Drinnan, Consultant Physicist & Head of Clinical Engineering, Regional Medical Physics Department, Newcastle

15.15   Refreshment Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing

The Menopause and the Pelvic Floor                      

Chairs: Mahesh Perera, Glasgow and David Rae, Crosshouse

15.45  Female Urogenital Ageing:  evolving concepts

David Barlow, Emeritus Professor, Glasgow

16.05  Free Papers

Free Paper Session

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