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Female Stress Urinary Incontinence:

Urethral Bulking Agents

(Broadcast: Thursday 13th January 2022)

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an Axonics  sponsored Education Event

Moderator: Karen Guerrero, Consultant Urogynaecologist NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. 

Chair, UK Continence Society


The NICE Guideline 2019 says that bulking agents should be used only if alternative surgical procedures are either unsuitable or not acceptable to the woman. The Cumberlege Report published the following year states that bulking agents should be considered before surgical procedures. Which is it?

Since the publication of the NICE Guideline, RCT data comparing bulking agents and tapes, seven year data on bulking agents, and a UK based study around patient choice, have all been published. Furthermore, there has been a move across the UK towards bulking agents. This partly due to the suspension of mesh tapes, but also driven by reduced access to theatre space during the pandemic, and thus the move to offer bulking procedures in the ambulatory setting.

So what is the latest thinking on the optimum approach to treating women with SUI if conservative approaches have failed to provide an adequate improvement?

Bulking agents: do recent publications support its use as a primary procedure for SUI.

Speaker: Ash Monga, Consultant Gynaecologist and Sub-specialist Urogynaecologist in the University Hospital Southampton Trust

NICE Guidelines vs the Cumberlege Report, 2020. Do recommendations conflict in the management of SUI and the role of BNI.

Speaker: Tamsin Greenwell, Consultant Urologist and Honorary associate Professor, University College London

What do women choose as surgical treatment for SUI, and is there a difference between secondary and tertiary centres in the procedure that women choose (Latitude study).

Speaker: Fiona Reid, Consultant Gynaecologist and Sub-specialist in Uro-gynaecology. Manchester University NHS Trust

Bulking in the ambulatory setting – does this make sense for the patient, the hospital, the finance director?

Speaker: Jeremy Weetch Consultant in Wirral Women and Children's Hospital.

Panel Discussion led by Karen Guerrero.

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