United Kingdom Continence Society

United Kingdom Continence Society

UKCS Bursaries

UKCS is committed to using some of the surplus generated by the meetings to further assist its constituency in research and attending the meeting.

Bursaries are available for those who would struggle to find the full finance to attend the annual meeting

UKCS is in a position to offer small bursaries towards attendance at The UKCS Annual Meeting 2019 in Manchester. Those in lower paid specialties or on a research salary can apply for a bursary by email to Karen Querrero, chair of the Finance Group at the email below.

How to apply:

Please send a supporting letter to the UKCS Secretariat Peter Mainprice.
This should be countersigned by your head of dept.

Such requests are considered by the UKCS Finance group

UKCS Secretariat
c/o Index Communications Meeting Services. Crown House, 28 Winchester Road, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 8AA, UK

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